PC-3000 SSD Data Recovery Training - 2020/03/31

End date
DE, 76870 Kandel, Barthelsmühlring 24

Why come?

The aim of this training is to teach the unique way of Solid State Drive recovery using the special PC-3000 SSD Active Utilities mode. Engineers from ACE Lab have developed a special PC-3000 SSD software system, which allows you to recover data from SSD drives easily without unsoldering memory chips. This method can easily handle controller encryption, data mixing and other problems with internal service structures of SSD.

Course components

  • Characteristics of data storage in SSD
  • Software and hardware implementation of SSD
  • PC-3000 SSD utility. Components. Features
  • Technique of primary diagnosis and determination of the nature of malfunction
  • Two approaches to data recovery from SSD
  • Each student will have their own set of training drives for practising with.

Course requirements

Basic IT knowledge is required.

Qualifications attained

  • Unique knowledge and skills to work with SSD in technological mode
    to recover data from dead SSD without unsoldering the chips


All participants will receive official certification from ACELab after successfully completing the course.


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By clicking the "Submit/Send" button, you will generate an e-mail that is sent to mh-Service GmbH where it will be electronically processed.

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