PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Expert


Why come?

The aim of this training course is to provide you with deep understanding of Flash NAND data recovery. Our highly professional instructors will teach you how to handle damaged Flash drives more efficiently in practical exercises.

Course components

Day 1
During the first day of training you are given a detailed review of NAND memory theory and its principles. PC-3000 Flash functionality is introduced and reviewed.

Day 2
The second day is dedicated to help you understand each theoretical point as theory turns into examples of application. You are provided practice exercises with real cases. Every attendee has to solve numerous cases under the supervision of our instructors.

Day 3
On the third day we extend your knowledge even further, strengthen it in practice and give you the complete picture of how to perform NAND data recovery and how to use the PC-3000 Flash in the most efficient way.

Course requirements

A basic IT knowledge is required for this course.

Qualifications attained

  • Essential skills of Flash Data Recovery from memory sticks, SD cards and other NAND-based storage devices


All participants will receive official certification from ACELab after successfully completing the course.


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By clicking the "Submit/Send" button, you will generate an e-mail that is sent to mh-Service GmbH where it will be electronically processed.

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