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The Amped Ecosystem of Forensic Image and Video Analysis

Video can be one of the most impactful forms of evidence and frequently the only source of evidence in a case. Time is often crucial and the quicker an investigator can obtain and view footage the better. But this is not always possible with proprietary formats or dark and blurred images. Amped Software's full line of solutions have been developed to assist an entire organization with all investigations, starting from the field, up to the forensic lab, and then to the courtroom. Easily convert and play unplayable proprietary formats. Enhance blurred or dark videos and images. Ensure your photo evidence has not been tampered with and determine what specific device took the image. Learn how Amped solutions have been designed to protect users by ensuring forensic integrity. The scientific methodology ensures repeatable and reproducible image and video evidence to support intelligence, investigations and courtroom presentations.

Amped und Griffeye - Partnership

Amped Software and Griffeye integration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks to the partnership between Amped Software and Griffeye, your image and video analysis workflow during investigations is really completely covered. Griffeye solutions are focused on finding the needle in a haystack, doing a quick and efficient triage on a huge volume of multimedia data, while Amped Software allows you to enhance, authenticate and analyze in depth, the relevant files that have been identified.


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