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In digital investigations today, there’s a constantly growing amount of data and information coming from multiple sources. To collect the data, the examiner needs to have a various number of tools that results in multiple exports and reports for the investigator to deal with when extractions are done.

With ForensIQ One’s “Case Investigator” the user will, in a stand-alone solution, be able to be more efficient and simplify their work. Instead of manual labour of comparing spreadsheets or finding links between people involved in an investigation. The work can now be automized by using the “Case Investigator”.

With ForensIQ One’s “Case Investigator”, users can gather data and information from multiple sources into one tool that aggregates all the data, compare and search for differences and similarities, link entities and present results in one single report.


Multiple sources

Gather data from multiple
sources and get full overview
of your case. Become more
efficient and simplify your


Let the software connect the
dots, find the links and critical
evidence for you. Speed up
you work by utilizing
computing power.

One report

When the investigation is
concluded, One single report
can be produced with all the
findings and important notes
related to the case


View and search through all
data in a chronological order.
Get a full overview of when
activities have happened.

Open API

With our API you can connect
with 3rd party tools, existing
infrastructure for full


Get a full overview over the
media in your investigation
with simple, easy to use


Communications are
visualized in an easy and
graphical view. Were both
single threads and groups will
be presented.

Persona based

Devices does not commit the
crimes, people do. Work
through your investigation
from a persona view.

Compare and contrast

Let the software find and
present various discrepancies
and duplications in your case.


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