Data Recovery


A criminal investigation may get stuck with deliberate (or not) damage to digital evidence or protection of unlawful data. The evidential data can be intentionally deleted, password-protected, encrypted,  physically or logically damaged, etc. 

And that’s where the PC-3000 Systems comes in! No more need to outsource the cases to third parties or refuse of them during the investigation process.


Use the power of PC-3000 to:

  • Recover evidence with the highest success rates even when other tools can’t do it
  • Extract evidential data from both healthy and physically/logically damaged drives of all types: SATA/IDE/USB HDD, SAS/SCSI HDD, SSD, RAID, NAND Flash, and Mobile devices
  • Protect the data integrity from the OS influence due to the connection through the PC-3000 board
  • Fully, partially or temporarily restore the operability of damaged storage devices
  • Bypass the password protection and decrypt partition encrypted with FileVault, BitLocker, TrueCrypt
  • Get access to the Service Area to obtain the evidence that can be hidden there or to the Media Cache which may contain information that the user has been working on for up to several months (SMR HDD)


PC-3000 Portable III is an absolutely unique product for on-site forensics data recovery from physically damaged SATA/USB HDDs. With its new tailored Easy Mode, you can simply make a deep diagnosis and a full recovery of evidence even if the issues are caused by hardware malfunctions. Moreover, its advanced modes and software add-ons enable you to successfully deal with the most of critical damages to HDD, SSD, and RAID. 

PC-3000 Portable brings many useful forensic features such as on-site fast imaging of healthy drives, special jumper to prevent any data alteration during imaging or extraction, etc.

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