Cyan Responder


Quick decisions, made confidently

Searching seized computers is a slow process, consuming valuable man-hours, delaying availability of evidence, and causing backlogs in many digital forensics labs.

Automated scans using MD5 hashes of known illegal content, such as illegal images of children or terrorist handbooks, are a valuable tool for finding evidence quickly and minimising the need for forensic analyst time. Such scans take many hours, or even days on devices with high capacity storage or slow external interfaces.

Cyan Forensics is building a new generation of tools that can scan devices in minutes. As well as dramatically accelerating processing, these tools are fast enough to use for triage on-site or in the lab, helping to prioritise analysis of devices that are known to contain contraband.

Cyan Responder allows frontline staff to rapidly triage devices for illegal content, without requiring a deep knowledge of digital forensics.

Cyan Responder features a simple user interface, and preconfigured settings, allowing SOCOs, CSEs, and CSIs to triage devices on site for known Indecent Images of Children or terrorist related material, without exposure to content.

Cyan Responder can be pre-configured by experts to ensure the correct settings are used and to restrict access to features.

It is designed for processes that “fail safe”, so the device can be passed to a skilled forensic analyst if further scrutiny is needed. It can be used directly on a target device using a USB bootable version (which mounts target drives read-only), or from a forensics laptop (usually through a write blocker).


  • Find evidence in minutes, even from large or slow devices
  • Simplified user interface for front-line staff
  • Target offences involving Indecent Images of Children or Terrorism
  • Find all file types, including fragments and deleted files in unallocated space


  • Scan devices and drives at 2TB/hour¹ and above
  • Simple Red/Green results
  • Pre-configurable by expert users
  • Use on Forensics PC or Bootable Media

Evaluation options

  • Request an online demo
  • Hardware Evaluation Kit (includes ready to test hard drives, and full instructions to test using your own data)

Buying options

  • Annual license subscription with USB dongle
  • Upgrade to flash dongle (bootable with 8Gb storage)
  • Starter Pack with Cyan Examiner, Cyan Responder & Cyan Collector

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