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Artifacts firs, file system second



Magnet Forensics tools recover the deepest artifact data available and give the most relevant starting point for your investigation. Magnet AXIOM Computer then allows you to drill down into the digital evidence in the file system to find more data and verify source location.

And with the Case Dashboard, AXIOM's new home screen, get a summary of your case, evidence sources, and forensic results that lets you jump right into areas of interest.


Simplify and expedite memory analysis with volatility

Volatility is fully integrated into AXIOM, allowing you to recover and analyze memory with artifacts instead of instead of the command line. AXIOM speeds up memory analysis by running multiple instances of Volatility at the same time.

Find key evidence quickly

Uncovering the evidence you need has never been easier. The Magnet.AI module, an industry-first machine learning technology, searches both text-based and media content to automatically identify nudity, weapons, drugs, and sexual conversations.

Only in Axiom! Visualize connections between files, users and evidences

Discover the full history of a file or artifact to build your case and prove intent. Connections in AXIOM visualizes evidence from disk and memory to show where files came from, who they are connected to, and where they're stored.




  • Use powerful carving to find more and different pictures, chat and browser history
  • Case Dashboard is a new home screen that provides a summary of your case, evidence sources, and forensic results and lets you jump right into areas of interest.
  • Ingest images from Grayshift, Cellebrite, Oxygen Forensics, and more
  • Acquire both logical and physical images and bypass passwords on Android devices
  • Easily present findings to non-technical stakeholders, e.g. rebuilding chat history
  • Industry-leading artifact recovery from JTAG and chip-off images
  • See all the evidence in one place with AXIOM Smartphone, AXIOM Cloud, and AXIOM Computer

Magnet AXIOM Smartphone is the leader in recovering chat, picture, video, and browser history evidence

Use AXIOM Smartphone’s advanced carving and extensive support for third party apps to find more deleted, encoded or encrypted data. Recover evidence from the leading mobile apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more.

AXIOM Smartphone is the only solution that leverages both smartphone and computer artifacts when carving and searching smartphone data – discovering more PDFs, Docs and .xls files.


Run a Micro SD card image through AXIOM as an Android platform. AXIOM will parse and carve it like a file system to retrieve artifacts that most other tools might miss.

The Most Collaborative Tool in your Kit

Each case requires multiple tools to find the most evidence and verify results thoroughly. AXIOM Smartphone can easily ingest phone extractions from other tools, including Cellebrite, Grayshift, Oxygen Forensics and MSAB. Run those extractions through AXIOM Smartphone’s powerful evidence recovery engine.



Recover and analyze data from the cloud

As device encryption becomes more powerful, examiners need to rely on device back-ups, chat history, and account information stored in the cloud.

Retrieve data from services including Facebook, Office 365, Google apps, iCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Box, Outlook and more.

Find more cloud evidence

Cloud data contains everything from chat history and pictures, to PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.

AXIOM is the only solution that leverages both computer and mobile artifacts when reviewing cloud data. This unique capability enables examiners to find more cloud evidence than other cloud forensics solutions.

Visualise connections between cloud services, devices and files

Connections lets examiners discover how cloud data is related to computer or smartphone data and learns all the locations that a file exists. Connections also identifies social media contacts and how they are connected to suspects.

Investigating the corporate cloud

AXIOM Cloud lets investigators access Office 365 accounts with administrator credentials and selectively acquire evidence. AXIOM Cloud preserves valuable metadata and recovers audit logs.

Access cloud accounts without a password

AXIOM Cloud extracts and ingests third-party tokens and keychains from mobile devices, allowing investigators to access cloud and social media accounts without requiring a password.

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