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Artifacts firs, file system second

You need to recover the most relevant digital evidence. You need to look at the artifacts first.

Magnet Forensics tools recover the deepest artifact data available and give the most relevant starting point for your investigation. Magnet AXIOM Computer then allows you to drill down into the digital evidence in the file system to find more data and verify source location.

And with the Case Dashboard, AXIOM's new home screen, get a summary of your case, evidence sources, and forensic results that lets you jump right into areas of interest.


Simplify and expedite memory analysis with volatility

Volatility is fully integrated into AXIOM, allowing you to recover and analyze memory with artifacts instead of instead of the command line. AXIOM speeds up memory analysis by running multiple instances of Volatility at the same time.

Find key evidence quickly

Uncovering the evidence you need has never been easier. The Magnet.AI module, an industry-first machine learning technology, searches both text-based and media content to automatically identify nudity, weapons, drugs, and sexual conversations.

Only in Axiom! Visualize connections between files, users and evidences

Discover the full history of a file or artifact to build your case and prove intent. Connections in AXIOM visualizes evidence from disk and memory to show where files came from, who they are connected to, and where they're stored.

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