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Neues Tableau Firmware Update

Das neue Firmware Update v6.98 von Tableau stellt Neuerungen für folgende Tableau Geräte bereit: T35689iu, T3458is, T34589is, TD2.

Zum Downloadbereich von Tableau gelangen Sie hier.


T35689iu updates:

•    Changed device detection to exclusively use the USB 3.0 host port. The 1394 port is no longer used.
•    Improved detection of legacy IDE devices.
•    Improved detection of 1394 devices.
•    Improved detection of media over 2.19TB.
•    Improved stability and reliability of the USB 3.0 host connection.
•    Fixed the declaration of write errors and read-only operation over USB 3.0 host interface as dictated by switches 2 and 3 respectively.
•    Fixed Transfer Request Block checks for DMA transfers from USB drives.

T3458is/T34589is updates:

•    Improved detection of media over 2.19TB.
•    USB storage devices over 2.19TB will prefer the SATA host connection rather than the 1394 host connection in order to make the entire media visible to the OS. (Potential side effect: this may prevent Windows from mounting the logical file system, but it will still allowing imaging.)
•    Fixed bug where "safely remove hardware" did not work properly when mounting a USB storage device via the 1394 host connection.
•    The Forensic Bridge will now reset automatically when firmware is unresponsive for seven seconds.

TD2 update:

•    Added feature to detect a certain instance of the device failing to save the date and time. A message will be displayed on the UI if this failure is detected.

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